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Human Resources




Employee welfare measures are handled in accordance with the Labor Standards Act and related laws and regulations

  • Welfare Programs

    Welfare Programs

    Birthday, Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival presents gifts or gift certificates, and organizes various employee networking activities from time to time to strengthen employee communication and build solidarity.

  • Performance System

    Performance System

    Employees will be subsidized for marriage, funeral, congratulations, sickness and childbirth. Performance, year-end bonuses and bonuses are regularly distributed to reward and thank employees for their hard work at work.

  • On-the-Job&Training


    In order to improve the quality and work skills of employees, and strengthen the efficiency and quality of work, the company implements pre-employment education and training for new employees, and irregularly implements on-the-job training for all employees or participates in professional external training to improve employees' work skills and job growth.

  • Retire System

    Retire System

    After July 1994, in line with government policies, a special account system for individual pensions was adopted. Employers contributed 6% of the laborers' monthly wages as labor pensions each month, and deposited them in the individual account of the Labor Insurance Bureau.

  • Labor-Management Agreement

    Labor-Management Agreement

    The company is an industry subject to the Labor Standards Law. All operations of employees, such as absenteeism, regular holidays, leave and vacation, are based on the Labor Standards Law and the company's personnel regulations. There is a labor-management coordination meeting organization, and regular meetings are held to benefit Harmonious labor relations.

  • Environmental Security

    Environmental Security

    The office is located in a new building, the building has regular fire security checks, and there are administrators who do check in and out of the office building. The employees of the company will also receive regular training in compliance with the regulations of occupational safety and health education and training.